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              "Red Hot Revolution"
                        The Book
     The lil' book struggling to make a big difference!
          Donations made to Women's Cancer Research with every book sold!
   The "Red hot Revolution" is the official guidebook to living a passionate life. 
Thanks to those ladies who are hot, sexy and over fifty, we're not blaming history, we're making it . . . again! We started the women's movement, now it is time for the 'red hot revolution'. 
    I wrote the "Red Hot Revolution" for all women who share a passion for living. It speaks to the ordinary woman who aspires to do something extraordinary!
    I dedicated my book to my mother who died of ovarian cancer and to my daughter who is blessed with a 'red hot heritage. My mother left me a legacy of strength and hope. I am passing it along to you through the 'red hot' perspectives' while donating a portion of the book sales to women's cancer research. 
  Our mission is to inspire women to find their dream today and start living it now. 

As 'red hots', we believe . . .
  "We can never run out of dreams . . . 
          we can only run out of time!" 

    Start looking at life from
           a whole new perspective . . .
                the 'red hot one'!

      Mother and daughter
       "Symbolizing women 
who are living & giving with                      passion!"