Dog's Life with Blooming Baby Boomer
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Dog's Life with Blooming Baby Boomer

A lil' history of my life with my mom, the Blooming Baby Boomer

by ariel gobert on 02/18/18

I need to clear up something. . . This blog says it's written by Ariel Gobert, my mom . . . the fact is, I sneak into her office and write it, which is not easy with these paws of mine. That being said, I wanted to write this blog cuz' she won't. She wrote this book several years ago to inspire her friends and anyone her age to get "fired up" about their lives. Mom wrote her book after a friend invited her to a Red Hat Tea and she thought it said Red Hot Tea-that's the way she sees her boomer buds. She tells me the passion they had in the 70's is this there in all of them, it's just been buried under life, ya' know, kids, careers, marriages, divorces, dogs(like Jeff and me) . . . left no time for her passions. Now, she has the time. What about you ladies out there? 

I'm an old Golden Retriever living with a Baby Boomer Mom

by ariel gobert on 02/13/18

Ok, so that's me in the pict with mom,Sister Lynn and Brother Jeff (he's an old Yorkie). We're all seniors except Lynn. She's still a baby. Mom doesn't think of herself as a senior so I've started calling her a Blooming Boomer (BB). I think she likes it because she's loves anything 'garden'. Anyway, I decided to write this blog in hopes that you ladies out there who are in the first stages of retirement as my BB, might relate to each other - this way you all can go through it together. I have to confess, that's really not me in the group pict, it's my older brother, Sam. Once he went to dog heaven, I came on the scene.From Day One, Jeff followed me everywhere - check out the side pict. He's my little shadow but that doesn't stop him from bullying me constantly. I'm getting distracted so I'll close. I'll give you some background in my next entry..