About the Author
Ariel Gobert lives in Lexington, Kentucky. She has one daughter, Lynn Scott and two 'empty nest' sons, Sammy and Jeffie. (pictured below) Ariel always wanted to write. She admits that it has taken fifty years to put her passion into words. She credits the women’s  movement for her career opportunities.
     "Red Hot Revolution" 
             The BOOK
The lil' book struggling to make a big difference
    These days Ariel feels she is in the    middle of another revolution -
the ‘red hot revolution.’
She doesn't take credit for starting it, just for giving it a name and a mission.
Ariel believes she is writing to all women and for all women.
     For the past thirty years, she has worked inside the ‘good ole boy network’  and now it is time for the ‘good ole girls' to get it together - thus the reason for the book!
    Ariel hopes to inspire women to find their joy - their passion and start living it today!
   The "Red Hot Revolution" is about living and giving with passion. It is about making a difference.
"Symbolizing women who are
living & giving with passion!"